Bonnieview Farm is a sheep dairy located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and has been in the Urie family for four generations. The farm is a mixture of rolling pasture, hay fields, and woods, where Neil, Kristin and their four children, Tressa, Maeda, Linden and Nell, live and farm.

We milk 180 ewes from May to October while they are on pasture, and make three kinds of cheese with the milk. We raise lambs for meat, and make various products with their wool, including yarn, socks and wool duvets. We sell our products at farmers' markets, local stores and restaurants, through some distributors and mail order gift boxes in the fall. In addition to the sheep, we have a llama, two dogs, three cats, ducks, chickens, and now, COWS!

In August, 2013, we started milking 15 cows. Now during August and September, we milk sheep and cows and make mixed milk cheeses, and since the sheep milking season ended, we've been making new cow milk cheeses, which will be ready in the new year. We will stop milking the cows when the sheep have their lambs in April, and the whole cycle begins again.

Mission statement:

Producing healthy food first and foremost to the local community. Offering people a connection to the source of their food. Working with care to cultivate the vitality of the land, the animals, and our family.