August, 2016

Tressa with Bluebell, the first calf born at the farm this year

This is the time of year when our cows are having their calves. We plan it this way; by introducing the bull in November, calves are born in August, and the beginning of the cow milk production overlaps with the end of the sheep lactation. In this way, we are able to make mixed milk cheeses until October, when the sheep naturally dry off. On Monday, we made our first batch of Paisley Blue (named after a town in Scotland where some of Neil's ancestors came from). 

Meanwhile, the sheep cheese we have been making all summer is aging beautifully in the new cave, and the first batches from back when the sheep were eating spring clover leaves and dandelion blossoms have made their way out into the world. Here, Neil is checking on a batch of Ben Nevis. Plenty of batches to go; if you are hankering for some sheep cheese, ask your local shop about getting some, or order directly from us online


A few days ago while I was milking the sheep, I heard Neil call the cows in for milking. I love this call. Neil learned it as a kid from his dad, and it rises up from him without thinking, as natural as breathing. It is the sound of generations of people who have milked cows in this place, and it is lovely. A bit reluctantly, he let me make

 this recording

 the next morning; hopefully you are able to hear it through the wind and rain and chorus of crickets in the back round! Later in the day, our daughter Nell was riding her bike past the cows in the pasture, and I could hear her call to them like her papa. 

Wherever you are, may you delight in the people and animals around you, and savor the fruit and cheese of the season. Thank you for being part of our farm family.