December, 2016

B o n n i e v i e wF a r m  N e w s, D e c.   2 0 1 6

bringing a tree home

bringing a tree home

This week, we have been blessed with abundant snow, and the excitement and hush that comes with it. On Sunday afternoon, (after checking on Heidi, one of our cows who has been looking ready to calve now for days), we headed to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, where Linden and Maeda were taking part in Catamounts, one of the community ski programs they offer for local kids. They maintain miles of beautifully groomed cross country ski trails, and the rest of our family headed out on the trails and into the woods. What a delight, Tressa zipping ahead and back on her skate skis, encouraging her sister Nell, while Neil and I remembered the simple feeling of moving through the woods on skis.


When we got home at dusk, Heidi had calved, a thriving little lineback bull calf who was standing and ready for the world. More snow fell Sunday night, and Monday we had a bona fide snow day: school was cancelled, snow was falling and kids were home, breaking trail in the field with skis, building snow forts, while Neil made a batch of Bonnie Blue that will be ready as the layers of winter snow falling today begin to melt in the spring. For now, we have sheep cheeses and mixed (sheep and cow) cheeses ready, made in the summertime, and we have been busy shipping gift boxes around the country.There is still time to order cheese for the holidays! You can find all of our offerings here.

snow lantern

Upcoming events: For our friends in Burlington, we will be doing a tasting at City Market this Thursday, December 15th from 11am- 1pm.And for those of you closer by, we invite you to join us on Friday, December 30, at 4pm, for a concert in our barn. We're inviting you to join the sheep and cows and chickens  for a little while, and hear songs about birds. Please dress warmly! Short concert will be followed by soup. 

Thank you for being part of this wonderful circle of friends, family, cheese lovers, cheese mongers, and neighbors. We wish you warmth and light as the longest night of  the year approaches, and may you have joy, strength and good health at the dawning of the new year.