Bringing the sheep home

sheep home.jpg

This is the time of year when we gather closer, fire up the wood stove, and bring animals in from their pastures. For the past few weeks our lambs were pastured on our friend Pete's field of oats a few miles away, and Wednesday morning we brought them home: Neil in front with a bucket of grain, Bella our dog and I in the car behind, hopping out as needed to round the sheep up when they wandered into a clover field for a snack, or stopped to visit with a neighbor's curious cows who came charging over to their fence. To see a few seconds of the moving sheep, click here. It was a fine way to start the morning. 


Our last cow to freshen, Heidi, had her calf 10 days ago, about the time we stopped milking the sheep. That's Maeda in the photo, bringing them home. We are now making cow cheeses with milk from our ten cows, which will be ready in the late winter.

 We will be shipping gift boxes again this year, and invite you to give the gift of cheese! You can find our online gift offerings here. We currently have available Coomersdale (sheep), Ben Nevis (sheep), the last of the Mossend Blue (sheep), Paisley Blue (sheep and cow) and Blended Feta (sheep and cow). You can find these at a store near you, at our online store, or come find us at one of these upcoming local events: 

Saturday, December 9th, 10am- 1pm: Craftsbury Farmers' Market Holiday Sale at the Common House on Craftsbury Common.

Saturday, December 16, 10am-4pm WonderArts Holiday Market. 


We are so grateful to you, our extended farm family, for your support and connection to the farm. Pictured here is the crew of friends and neighbors who came to sing and work during the Kingdom Worksong Week. We filled our basement with wood, and now when we go to stoke the fire, we are reminded of the songs and laughter and camaraderie of that day, and of all of the people who are part of this place. Thank you!