We make four kinds of cheese with unpasteurized sheep's milk from our flock:

  • Coomersdale - A semi-hard cheese, similar to a young pecorino, made with a recipe originally from the Pyrennes.
  • Ben Nevis - This cheese is crafted from the same recipe as Coomersdale. It is a smaller wheel with a unique square shape.
  • Mossend Blue - Named after Neil's ancestral farm in Scotland. Our two year old steals it off of our lamb burgers, it's so good. "I never liked blue cheese until I tried Mossend Blue!" says Hannah Burr of Boston, MA.
  • Ewe's Feta - A mild, tangy cheese, wonderful in pesto, baked, or fresh on a salad. 
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We make four kinds of mixed milk cheeses with unpasteurized sheep and cow milk:

  • Oradale- A tomme style, mild in flavor, melts nicely.
  • Blended Nevis- Sister cheese to Oradale, made at the same time but in a smaller form with a unique square shape, pressed by hand.
  • Paisley Blue- Paisley is the town in Scotland where some of Neil's ancestors hail from. This cheese has a bit of the sheep milk sweetness, and the cow milk creaminess. Gentle as blues go.
  • Patmos Peak- An alpine cheese with a lemony curd.


We make three kinds of cheese with unpasteurized cow’s milk:

  • Ayersdale - With milk from our 15 grass-fed cows, we created this wheel that is cousin to our sheep milk Coomersdale. Buttery and smooth, it has slightly more tang than Coomersdale. The Ayers and Coomers families both farmed in the 1800’s on what is now our farm.
  • Ben Lomond  - Crafted from the same recipe as Ayersdale, this cheese is a smaller wheel with a unique square shape.
  • Bonnie Blue - Our first cow milk blue, this cheese is milder than Mossend Blue with a creamier texture and a soft briny quality. It is an accessible and less pungent blue that lends itself to prolonged snacking.


  • Yarn - we save the lambswool and have it spun into yarn at Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, VT.
  • Duvets - we use these in the farmhouse all year round. Light and toasty.


All of our meat is raised on organic pastures and grass-fed without hormones.

  • Lamb - Lambs are born in the spring and spend their summer rotationally grazing on organic pastures. All of our meat is raised without hormones.
  • Beef - Pasture raised, happy.
  • Chickens - Our flock of chickens are busy all summer eating beetles and laying eggs. They spend the winter in our greenhouse, where they can continue to scratch and peck in the dirt, while the snow piles up outside.