We offer a seasonal internship, April to October, which can range from 2-6 months. We are a small family dairy, and interns are involved in all aspects of the farm. We offer housing and a small stipend. Below is a description of the primary areas of work: 

Lambing: Lambing starts in April, and all 200 ewes have their lambs (averaging twins) in the course of a couple of weeks, so it is a busy time at the farm. Work includes eartagging and navel dipping newborns, assisting with births, and training lambs to drink from nipple buckets. 

Milking: We have a greenhouse milking parlor with six machines, and the sheep are milked in sets of twelve. Interns learn the entire milking from start to finish, and usually are responsible for a couple of milkings each week. 

Cheesemaking: Interns work with the cheesemaker to make all of our cheeses. Work includes making cheese, washing forms, salting and brining, affinage, and packaging cheese for market. 

Pasture management: We practice rotational grazing, and so our animals have fresh pasture every day. Interns help with moving and setting up flexible electric net fences. 

Etc: While responsibilities will focus on sheep and cows and cheesemaking, interns may spend some time helping in our large family garden, or working on other farm projects, such as painting the barn, firewood, or helping with our community Pizza Night. 

Please send a letter of interest, your resume and three references, either by email or snail mail. We strongly encourage applicants to visit the farm if at all possible, to make sure that it is a good match all around.

Visiting the Farm

You are welcome anytime - just call first at 802-755-6878